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Friday, January 15, 2010

in support of mothering...

I can identify with several of these ?'s posted at I only wish I had been prepared with such eloquent, truthful answers when I needed them. I pray that any mothers of small children who may be reading this would become fully aware of the beauty and honor of mothering a child, and specifically in nursing your baby. Yes, it is demanding. And, yes, it takes (almost) everything you have. But my question would be...where else would you prefer to put your everything?

"What will people think of you, skipping church? Shouldn’t you be ministering to the other women?
I’m ministering to my baby. And my family is my primary ministry, my most important assignment from the Lord.
You’re home all day with small children. You need some fellowship time, some adult conversation.
I get lots of fellowship time most weeks. And sometimes serving the Lord means denying yourself.
You should be out there learning. This is your chance to study God’s word, use your brain, expand your horizons. Don’t you deserve a little intellectual stimulation?
I can read while I lie here. I can think and pray. And again, sometimes, I have to deny myself.
Are you saying you’re supposed to be completely fulfilled with nothing but this baby?
No. I am completely fulfilled with nothing but the Lord. I will not bow down to any idols, not even the “acceptable” ones that my neighbors worship, like adult conversation, intellectual stimulation, and visible ministries. These are blessings when I get them, but as soon as they interfere with serving Christ, as soon as they cause me to fret and be dissatisfied with the work He has given me, as soon as I cannot be happy without them, then they are idols, and I must throw them down."

Psa 31:6
I have hated those who regard useless idols; But I trust in the LORD.

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